About Us

In 1960, Hye bhuiyan opens knit raw fabrics manufacturing company namely “Bhuiyan Fabrics” in his native Khadun, Narayangonj. Having spent years working in this field he introduces this knit sensibility in Bangladesh and abroad through exclusive knit fabrics created and produces by the Chairman Hye Bhuiyan and his wife Monowara Bhuiyan Director of Bhuiyan Fabrics.

Within a few month the company enjoys such success as it attracts a sophisticated international clientele, who seek out the equestrian inspired collection of Basic fabrics for Tees and polos.

Faces with a shortage of standard materials during the difficult years of globalization, Bhuiyan Fabrics establishes itself as an enterprise synonymous with exceptional creativity and resourcefulness. “Melange, Interlock rib” fabrics is introduced becoming of the first Bhuiyan Fabrics selling product.

In 1998, Bhuiyan fabrics becomes a private limited company and leadership is passed to Hye Bhuiyan sons. Mostofa Bhuiyan, Managing Director of BFL. Today creative direction of BFL is the responsibility of Mostofa Bhuiyan and BFL are taking care of the marketing and production site respectively.

BFL continues its expansion with establishing knit garment manufacturing plant in same location Khaduin, Rupgonj, Narayangonj. The great classics are revamped in new fabrics shapes, aolour and Knit garment categories are introduced.  

We can effectively and efficiently support our buyers interests in every aspects starting from raw materials to supply. Our vision is to satisfy our customers with long term service. And our prime emphasis is on Quality, Workmanship, Timeliness, professionalism and Competitive pricing.